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Fitness fanatics and gurus love to debate about meal frequency, but are more or fewer meals really better for how often should you really eat to spurring muscle growth or fat loss? Find out here! One of the most widely debated topics in the bodybuilding free Columbia sex stories net fitness world is the optimal of meals to eat per day for building muscle, losing fat, and increasing strength. Many individuals eat every hours.

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Think fasting is just for dieters or skinny hipsters? Think again. Here's what one coach and meathead discovered by giving up his traditional eating schedule and embracing the hunger!

Years ago, I would have been right there with you. In fact, I used to call intermittent fasting "intermittent starving.

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That means eating every hours. If I went longer than that without a tuna sandwich or a mass-blaster mega-millions shake that tasted how the drywall section of Home Depot smells, I was sure I'd waste away into the physique of a crisis actor. Then I got older. And free internet dating Fredericksburg VA hearing positive things, I spent some time really delving into the science and possible benefits of intermittent fasting in general, and longer faster protocols. What I found was a lot of potential upside for lifters—particularly aging lifters—and little to no downside.

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To be clear, there's nothing directly anabolic about fasting. After all, cellular growth and muscle protein synthesis are both driven asian Palmdale CA online dating a process known as the mTOR pathway, and it's protein and weight training that get mTOR all hot and bothered. No nutrients, no mTOR.

How many meals per day should i eat?

No mTOR, no growth. But there's a downside to that relationship, bodybuilding dating Haven KS well. Since mTOR drives cellular growth, it also has been linked in the long term to things like cancer cell growth and accelerated aging. I know we all love the gains, but dying in your 30s jacked, while looking like you were a hard 73, doesn't black women dating Columbus Ohio OH men appealing. I'm being sarcastic, but there's more research and discussion than ever about mTOR, cancer, and aging—enough to get the attention of plenty of lifelong mTOR jockeys like me.

Now, mTOR isn't bad. But ideally, we'd be able to turn it on selectively, then turn it off again, rather than just have it on all the time. Because every physiological function has an antagonist to it in order to create balance, or physiological homeostasis. And Dating culture in Fayetteville does some pretty sweet things once activated.

It increases glucose uptake and fat oxidation, for one. This is likely one reason that fasting has been shown to promote lower blood glucose, and make you more insulin sensitive, thus the uptake of nutrients into the cells is vastly improved. But even cooler is that fasting turns on something called "autophagy. How ificant are the effects of fasting on overall health?

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Pretty eye-opening, although there's still plenty more research to give a full picture. Normally a loss in weight is required to see positive changes in the most important health markers. But seriously: What about muscle loss?

Well, it's been studied. And as of yet, nobody has presented a well-deed study that shows any muscle loss resulting from fasting. On the other hand, in a meta-analysis done at Johns Hopkins, researchers found that fasting led to better muscle retention than traditional reduced-calorie dieting. And before you wheel out the old "Yeah, but the subjects were probably obese," fit folk have also been shown to lose fat Manchester NH air outdoor swap meet gain muscle internet dating in Petersburg eight-hour feeding windows.

The upside for you? Honestly, knowing what we know right now, losing gains doesn't seem to be a concern. The downside: If you were hoping to read this article and have me suggest not skipping some meals, sorry.

Sex date Torrance time to get hungry. With all those upsides in mind, I think fasting should be seen as a weapon in the muscle-building arsenal. It may not be anabolic on its own, but it's something you can do to create a more muscle-friendly environment. Whether you use a daily approach, alternate day fasting, or do a longer fast once a month, it's something everyone who is serious about long-term health and wellness should be considering.

So why do a longer fast? For one, it makes smaller fasting protocols far more manageable on a day-to-day basis. And if there's no risk of muscle loss, then what's the downside? Because here's the thing: I don't believe you have to go full-on zero-calorie to consider it a fast, or to see the benefits of fasting. And I'm Yuma Arizona AZ hookup alone. Many of the studies into what is known as "alternate day" fasting actually allow calories—but a small amount, like 25 percent of a normal day.

After experimenting with longer fasts, I've found that a small amount of strategic liquid nutrition can make a big difference in how pleasant and repeatable of an experience a fast is.

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That's a big upside. So, here's how I do it. First of all, it's not three continuous days of not eating. Really, it's just a weekend. I eat on Friday, go to bed, then don't eat on Saturday and Sunday. In case you were fun dates Palm Bay FL, I don't eat while I'm sleeping.

So, sleeping counts as part of the 60 hours.

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It's really two full days of not eating, plus three nights. Wake up. Drink enough water to fill up a swimming pool made for Jabba the Hutt to do cannonballs in.

What one lifter learned from not eating for 60 hours

Like, about half a gallon just to start the day. I also add some Himalayan sea salt for electrolytes. Take a serving of exogenous ketones. Well, one big thing the ketones east asian dating Olympia WA going for them is that they suppress the hormone ghrelin. Since you're not eating, it's pretty handy to not feel so ravenous.

Ketones also cause a reduction in your body's glucose usage, which could theoretically further help protect muscle protein from being converted into glucose for energy. Do steady state cardio for 30 minutes. I don't weight train during the hour fasting periods.

Reason being, if there's no protein coming in for the most part, that means there's no way to offset muscle protein breakdown and damage that comes from lifting. So put your squats and de on hold until you're fed, and wait until Monday to start Jacked in 3. That doesn't mean you should disappear into the couch, though. I usually bang out two low-key steady-state sessions a day during the two whole days of fasting.

I'm talking seriously low-key, like minutes of walking. If you think you're up for hardcore conditioning work while you're fasting, you're fooling yourself.

Bone Broth. Technically, bone broth has calories. There's also maybe 10 grams of protein in a serving.

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If you're some kind of fasting zealot you will say that it breaks a fast, but there's lots of different kinds of fasts, done for lots of different reasons. One reason to use bone broth here is to ensure I'm getting enough electrolytes. As you might imagine, since I'm fasting for 60 hours, there are no carbohydrates coming in did I mention I don't eat anything during the 60 hours? But it also tastes good and dating a Erie PA man keep the beast under control.

Take ketones again.

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I'm still not hungry. I'm used to fasting for 16 hours a day, so the first day meet beautiful Texas women always fairly easy for me. Take an epic nap. This doesn't always happen when I'm fasting, but when it does, I go with it.

More bone broth. I'm hungry now. This helps. It doesn't help the way a slice of cheesecake helps, but it helps.