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In terms of my research, I examine the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality and have authored and co-authored dozens of books and journal articles on the topic.

About me

Where was your most recent international experience? Dublin, Ireland. I am a Sales and Marketing Intern at the Shelbourne hotel, which is right in the city center of Dublin.

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The Shelbourne hotel is the largest 5 star luxury Utah bride dating in Dublin, dating back to its opening in Each project that I have worked on with one of the 18 members of the Sales and Marketing department has been focused on obtaining new business with new clients, or keeping current clients happy by making sure that their annual meetings and conventions are up to their standards.

I was also invited to attend the Marketing departments weekly meetings as well as the Sales Strategy Meetings.

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The Sales Strategy Meetings gathers all the he of each department of the hotel, as well as the GM, and they review which areas of the hotel are generating profits and which areas need white girls looking for Hampshire IL guys support. As for classes, I am currently taking the History of Ireland course with 12 other students in the program.

Before I left for Dublin, I was very nervous.

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I went two weeks without sleeping through the night. I simply did not know what to expect, and how I would see myself adjust to life outside of the states.

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I would also worry girl dating Jersey City guy the smallest things, such as how I was going to figure out the Dublin bus system which turned out to be pretty easy with the help of the Dublin bus app. Then again part of me was very excited.

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I was finally doing something that was out of my comfort zone. Every summer up until this one, I had an internship in my hometown on Buffalo, New York. Living at home and getting a break from Boston life was great, but I was ready for a different kind of summer.

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That was when I decided that I Seattle free chat line numbers live out a dream of mine to spend native Topeka online dating summer in Europe. So far my most memorable experience while completing my international experience has been the people. The people that I have met are the ones that have made studying and living in Europe so amazing.

The other students in my program are so nice and we always invite each other out on days exploring the city, out to find new restaurants, and weekend excursions. My coworkers at work have also been so nice and helpful in helping me adjust to life in Europe.

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Working in a 5 star property can stressful and at times it seems like the work load never ends, but they always seem to have smiles on their faces or are always around to answer my questions. At first it was so intimidating to work in one of the top hotels free date ideas Anaheim CA Dublin, but after bonding with the others in the department over lunch, tea breaks, and projects, my perception of everyone and the work environment itself changed.

They motivate me to work hard and to love the industry that I work in, and to always go above and beyond as it will always pay off.

More about school of hospitality administration

Although Meeting online Hampshire distance relationships is a mostly English-speaking city, the Gaelic language is still spoken in many rural areas of the island. Also, Europe uses military time, which often leaves me converting the time in my head. I remember the first report that I had to type up for one of my supervisors required to typing up a schedule with meetings at certain times, and I had to convert every time into military time.

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I would double-check every time to make sure that I did not miscalculate any of the times. That took some getting used to as well.

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I think this experience will greatly help my future career by helping me get my feet wet in the international market, which is so important in todays world of Hospitality. Having the experience of working internationally and working in a different culture will help me be able to better adapt to working in different markets around dating service in Norwich world.

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It is very important to understand how markets around the world work and how to properly prepare yourself to work Lincoln date now them. By having this work experience on myI will have a competitive edge against other people when applying for jobs after I graduate next year.

If I could do anything differently, I would ask even more questions then I did when I first got here. I have found that people like it when you ask a reasonable amount of questions as it shows that you are interested and want to learn more about your surroundings. It will also help you become more comfortable in your surroundings, as I know speed dating Tacoma WA black took me a while to become comfortable here.

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What advice would you offer to fellow students who are looking for, or, are completing an international experience? It really opens your eyes to work with people from another culture and to see how businesses in other parts of the world operate.

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Accomplishing something this big is worth being proud of, and will help lead to may more new and exciting opportunities! Dublin, Ireland What type of international program were you a part of? Before going abroad, what were you feeling?

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What was your most memorable experience? What was the biggest cultural difference that you experienced? How do you think this experience will affect your future career? Would you have done anything differently?