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Chicago — Attorney General Vintage dating Dallas Tx Raoul today warned Illinois residents to be on alert for phone scams in which callers pose as representatives of law enforcement or public utilities in order to con people into sending money.

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Raoul is encouraging Illinois residents to be vigilant of scams in light of recent reports of scammers impersonating representatives of the Social Security Administration, the Illinois State Police ISP and public utilities. The sugar mummy dating in Lafayette LA phone scams involve scammers spoofing phone s, causing caller ID devices to display what appears to be a legitimate call from Social Security, the ISP or a utility.

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Scam artists on the other end of the line claim they are collecting on a phony debt and instruct their targets to make cash or gift card payments, wire transfers, or provide confidential personal information in order to avoid losing benefits, being arrested, or having their utilities shut off.

In addition to phone scams, Raoul also said the Social Security Administration recently warned people of scams in which recipients receive s that include attachments appearing on official letterhead in order Ann Arbor boy dating city girl appear more legitimate. Raoul urged people to not open s claiming to be from Social Security that promise a benefit approval or increase in exchange for information or money.

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Online dating scammers often tell their victims that they live far away, sometimes outside of the United States, and need money for travel expenses to see the victim or Jackson us dating pay for medical expenses date night ideas Idaho other unexpected bills. Raoul said online dating app users should not send money or gift cards to someone unless they have met in person and can verify that the money will be used for the requested reason.

The office also recommends that online dating service users verify the identities of anyone they are talking to by searching their identity online, using a reverse image search to see if their picture is associated with another person and by looking up any story a sweetheart tells them to see if others report the same story was used in a scam.

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State agencies will not call or contact taxpayers via the phone unless the taxpayer has made an initial contact. February 10,

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