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These panels feature hand painted and hand decorated embellishments created by a small team of talented artisans at Hickory White. With its multilevel footprint, the wood-and-brick building, in fact, is much like many other area factories, some of which are still making furniture, others of which have been converted to apartments or restaurants. Dating back tothe factory itself is a piece of industry history. Not only sex meet up Raleigh North Carolina NC it the oldest known wood plant in surrounding Catawba County, it is also among the oldest in the entire furniture-making region of western North Carolina, a region that has been decimated by plant closures in the past decade or so due to rising imports. A perched above one of its entrances identifies its origins as Hickory Manufacturing Company, a well-known manufacturer of high-end bedroom furniture in its day.

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Precise definitions are important in any field, and the field of antiques is no exception. In the world of rustic furniture, hickory refers to bark-on hickory poles i. Milled hickory boards and turnings were also used to construct antique furniture, but not antique rustic furniture. This can sometimes create confusion, for instance in the case of a woman who hoped to sell us a pair of country ladder-back chairs that she assumed were something i Las Vegas Nevada NV dating my best friend rustic furniture collectors would want because they were made out of hickory wood.

Another thing that can be confusing is that several playa del Myrtle dating the rustic hickory furniture manufacturers made a few lines of furniture for a limited of years that had no hickory parts.

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These were constructed of willow, pine, oak or chestnut, but sometimes were of the same des as the rustic furniture that those manufacturers made from hickory poles. Finally, we have occasionally encountered confusion caused by the names of two makers of non-rustic contemporary and reproduction furniture Hickory Chair Company and Old Hickory Tannery which are very similar to the names of the traditional rustic hickory furniture companies. The Indiana Hickory Furniture Manufacturers. There were six major companies and several minor companies producing rustic furniture made with hickory poles in Hookup dating free in Ann Arbor MI during the first half of the 20th century.

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Old Hickory was the most prolific and longest lasting rustic hickory furniture manufacturer, so more of their products turn up on the market than do the products of all the other Indiana hickory manufacturers combined. Not all dealers or auctioneers are as careful about that nomenclature, however, so you cannot always be dating Miami Fl times that a piece that a seller calls Old Hickory was actually made by Old Hickory Furniture Company. Sellers also sometimes call a piece "old hickory" meaning it is old and made of hickory poles, not that it was made by Old Hickory.

It helps if the furniture is branded or tagged with an authentic Old Hickory identifier, but the company did not consistently stamp all of the furniture it produced.

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So if a piece is marked Old Hickory, non-specialist dealers and customers can be sure of its maker, but if it is not marked, it does not necessarily mean that the piece was not made by Old Hickory. After decades of handling and studying hickory furniture and collecting original catalogs from all of the manufacturers, we can usually pinpoint its maker from various clues, so we often do not even look for a brand before making a purchase. When we advertise an unmarked piece as Old Hickory, we are always happy to explain to a potential buyer how we identified it as such in that particular case.

The first incarnation of the Old Hickory company was called Old Hickory Chair Company, a name which lasted from Old Hickory Chair Company also sometimes put dating with Idaho man paper label with the Andrew Jackson logo on their furniture, and we have occasionally had pieces that retained that early label, Hickory white dating here.

Below is an early Old Hickory Chair Company dresser with woven hickory bark panels. When Old Hickory Chair Company changed its name to Old Hickory Furniture Company init used the brand shown below, modified just slightly from meeting cuban women in Binghamton earlier brand. This stamp was used into the s.

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The brand pictured below was used throughout the s, and is what appears on the majority of stamped pieces we encounter. The middle line was changed to say "Martinsville" with "Indiana" spelled out fully below it. During the s and s, Old Hickory also sometimes marked their furniture with a "Bruce tag," a small round free chat online in Asheville tag that contained the year e.

There are hundreds of furniture des from this era, but here is one example with a s brand. That stamp seems to have been used on some, but not all pieces made in the 50's, and we do not often see it. The following drop-leaf table with casters is an example of a table made during that era.

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After Old Hickory Furniture Company shifted to making generic furniture that was not in a rustic style and not made from hickory. Therefore, any furniture with an Old Hickory Shelbyville tag pictured below was made sometime between and today. Since this is contemporary furniture that is still being manufactured, Norwich CT dating agency reviews is not something that we buy or sell.

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Even when a contemporary hickory piece does not have a brass Shelbyville best date night restaurants Sarasota FL, it is not difficult to distinguish it from early Old Hickory pieces. Although some of the Shelbyville furniture is based on early Old Hickory styles, the modern interpretations of the des, the hickory poles used, the construction techniques, the weaving and upholstery, and the finish on the wood all make it immediately recognizable and we think undesirable!

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This company was founded nearly as early as Old Hickory, and lasted for three decades - date broke Lauderdale girls They marked their furniture with either a stamp or a colorful paper label, which can sometimes still be found intact on Rustic Hickory furniture.

Rustic Hickory's trademark circular drawing of a hickory nut, twig and leaves is centered on their paper label.

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This company was in business from Columbus Hickory operated from about through the mids. They never used a stamp or brand, and did not have an extensive line, but santo Mission dating pieces are quite distinct.

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Anticipating a shortage of Asian imported rattan cane during WWII, the founder of the company, Luther Simons, invented and used a cellulose material called "Simonite" for weaving chairs, footstools, headboards and footboards. Dyed red and green pof dating San Juan PR were interwoven with tan pieces to create decorative patterns.

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Hickory bed with woven Simonite headboard and footboard panels, made by Corona distance dating online Hickory Furniture Company. The state of Indiana involved prison inmates in the making of hickory furniture from through the s. The pieces were not ed, but they were pictured in catalogs.

They are quite recognizable once becoming familiar with a few distinguishing characteristics, and with the forms that were commonly made.

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The photo below shows a prison piece from the s. This Hickory white dating was started by former employees of Old Best online dating Tallahassee FL Furniture Company, and was in business from In the early years they made Old Hickory des out of willow, until realizing that it was a much more difficult wood to obtain than hickory.

They did not use a stamp or flirt Mississippi finch, but the willow pieces are easy to distinguish. We are often asked whether antique hickory furniture varies in value depending on which manufacturer made it, and the short answer is no. The value of a piece of hickory furniture is determined by the quality of the piece, regardless of which company made it, along with its desirability, rarity, aesthetics and overall condition.

The only hickory furniture to avoid if you want it to have resale value is the contemporary furniture being made by Old Hickory Shelbyville. A related issue that people are often curious about is whether pieces of hickory furniture that are stamped by a maker are more valuable than those that are unmarked. Again, the answer is no.

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We have never asked or date beautiful Montgomery women a different price for two pieces of a similar de in the same condition when one is stamped by the maker and one is not. Some collectors who are very knowledgeable about hickory furniture and prefer to acquire pieces by certain makers or from certain eras like to see them stamped. However, those are also the same people who can recognize the maker of a piece even when it is uned, so if first date in a Los Angeles time meets their criteria for quality, rarity and de, then the lack of a stamp will not make a difference.

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Back Us Rustic. Back Gallery Shows. Defining and Identifying Old Hickory vs. Hickory Furniture.

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The Indiana Hickory Furniture Manufacturers There were six major companies and several minor companies producing rustic furniture made with hickory poles in Indiana during the first half of the 20th century. Old Hickory Furniture Company, Martinsville, Indiana Old Hickory was the most prolific and longest lasting rustic hickory furniture manufacturer, so more of their products turn up on the market than online dating chat Point the products of all the other Indiana hickory manufacturers combined.

This early brand says "Chair Co" on the center line.

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The middle line was changed from "Chair Co" to "Furn Co. Oval brass plate that marks Old Hickory Furniture Shelbyville. The rectangular brand of Rustic Hickory Furniture Company. Speed dating Atlantic City in Hickory's brand had an oval outline. Hickory hoop arm chair made by Indiana Hickory Furniture Company. Indiana State Farm Industries, Putnamville, Indiana The state of Indiana involved prison inmates in the making of hickory furniture from through the s.

Pair of hickory bar stools made by Indiana Willow Products Company, circa Differences in Value? Rare Old Hickory Daybed.

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Rare Rustic Hickory Armoire. Rustic Meets Modern in a Collector's Home. Old Hickory One-Drawer Stand. Rare Indiana Hickory Steamer Chair. Get Future Articles.