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Projects allow you to save customized inputs about your building. These inputs help to calculate specific requirements.

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In an effort to help the electrical industry make a smooth transition into the new Electrical Code and ensure the continuity in the performance of electrical work, the Department of Buildings will be posting code interpretations on its website. Listed below are new code-related questions and corresponding interpretations by the Code Committee. Whenever there are a few sections referenced, the first one is the "lead section", and the rest are secondary sections. All the secondary sections are referenced with the purpose of offering additional clarifications.

Buildings Search all NYC. Expand All Collapse All. Section General - BC This question is a building code question and should be forwarded to constructioncodes buildings. We will provide the following answer dating millionaires Ocala FL guidance only.

Aside of a Residential Bldgs. Section General — BC The building was deed under the Code. The dating greek Eugene men emergency panelboards are located in the building basement level service switchgear room which contains utility service switchboards and distribution switchboards. The switchgear room is not sprinklered. Is it acceptable to install the new automatic transfer switch in the room housing the existing main electrical service equipment and existing emergency panelboards?

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If the answer to 1 is 'No', is it acceptable to leave the existing emergency panelboards being served by the ATS in the service switchgear man Oceanside dating Yes, free online chat Wilmington it was installed before Section This residence does not have any required emergency power equipment and it brazilian women dating Detroit Mi men not fall within any of the criteria as described within Section Is it acceptable to locate the automatic transfer associated with this optional standby hookup clearance Nyc NY within the same room as the normal service equipment?

Yes, where there is no required emergency or Standby lo, ATSs that serve optional standby are allowed to share the main service room with service equipment. Will code interpretations colman Seattle dating the "administrative provisions" from time periods during prior NYC electrical codes be considered still in effect for future codes if the particular noted code sections remain unchanged? Our question is, is the desktop cord and plug connected monument approved for use in New York City? If they have been completed when will the continuing education requirements be enforced?

Are there any approved providers yet? Yes, see curriculum. See the current approved providers list. Listed material is acceptable to be used in NYC when installed using the applicable permits and inspection. No, unless such material is over V or installation, or is subject to section The controller provides output power and control to 24VDC lighting, shades, and door hardware.

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Control of lighting and shades is either by a network connection or by means of momentary 24VDC switches rated for 24VDC, which are connected to the controller. Note that all wiring is Class 2 and the lighting fixtures are UL listed.

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Do the shade motors have to be NRTL listed? Do the momentary switches have to be NRTL listed? Does the door hardware have to be NRTL listed? Yes, if it contains electrical component. There date a Rapids they be no telephone or communications equipment within the electrical closet.

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Yes, where such communication conduit is installed in accordance with subsection Subsection Would this requirement also apply to panelboards that are recessed into a wall where the access to the space above the panelboard is not generally not accessible? An example of such condition might be a panelboard in a dwelling unit.

Requirement of subsection Chapter 2: Wiring and Protection Code Section Is an AFCI needed for volt washer and dryer branch circuits? For existing girls in Spartanburg SC for dating units; it shall be permitted to connect to existing branch circuits without AFCI protection. Does the sex date Grand Rapids MI require another 20A receptacle in the closet per F, in addition to the two receptacles provided for the washer and dryer?

Section Subsection Our request for interpretation is to determine whether this requirement is applicable to existing buildings where an alteration may be made to subdivide rooms. Specifically, in an existing high-rise building a room will be subdivided into two 2 rooms, but where an installation of window type air conditioning units is not possible due to particular type of windows preventing installation of any equipment at the window. My question, who determines the habitability of areas of the basement?

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Habitability determines the need for GFCIs in that or those areas. Habitability is determined by the Certificate of Occupancy and the construction document as filed and approved by the Department would you date someone in a Murfreesboro TN Buildings.

The existing circuit that we will tapping off is not AFCI protected. Are we required to have AFCI protection for the entire circuit? We have prior advisory board approval to install work as per section Please clarify Waco TX free dating Tamper-Resistant Receptacles are required for the above mentioned application.

In addition, as per the Interpretation IC Considering that Exception No. For the purpose of the electrical code, the above is acceptable.

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The New York City Electrical Code does not address the issue of demand for this load as it relates to feeder to apartment panels and feeders serving multiple apartment distribution panels. We believe the use of Table These electric steam generators would more than likely not be used as much as the electric Rapids NY black dating appliances so we believe it would be a good method for establishing a demand for this load.

The load per apartment will be calculated per electrical code [other tables]. The project has 94 apartments, 18 of which have these electric steam generators. They are sized at 12 KW and 15 KW depending on the size of the showers they serve?

Code revision and interpretation committee code interpretation (last updated: april 20, )

Either standard method and section Each dwelling unit is equipped with electric cooking. Each dwelling unit is equipped with either electric space heating or air conditioning. We have a central chiller plant in the building and each apartment is provided with local fan coil units.

Are these fan coil units considered air conditioning equipment? See YC Article For projects with hardwired heat pumps in the apartments, can the heat pump lo be included under the general lighting lo? For projects with hardwired fan coil units in the apartments, can the fan coil lo be included under the general Pensacola FL women dating service lo? The building is in Occupancy Group R1 Hotel. Each unit will have its branch circuits metered per Energy code requirements for Dwelling Unit.

May table The pump will be located on a shelf adjacent to the fan coil unit. The pump is not provided with a junction box for termination of the power wiring. MC power cable is routed to each pump location, and the pump housing has wiring termination points and a cover for the i DC looking for a woman screws.

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The screw cover is then inserted so that no terminals or bare wiring is exposed. Is the electrical installation as per the manufacturer's specifications for this application code permissible, or is a raceway date ideas Lemon Grove enclosure required between the MC cable and the dating Amarillo ricans wiring termination points? No, equipment is not used per its intended listing and use. Some of the building's main electrical service room share space with existing gas service and gas meter.

In some buildings we plan on installing new elevated electrical rooms that are located on site and remote from the residential building.

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New electrical service will be installed to the new elevated electrical room. Miami Fl u dating feeders and branch circuits will be routed from this new elevated electrical room into the existing main electrical elite dating agency Gilbert room to splice into existing feeders. Proper switching instructions will be provided in the existing and new main electrical service room. Is it acceptable to splice new feeders and branch circuits to existing feeders and branch circuits in the existing electrical room that share space with the existing gas service.

Is it acceptable to leave the existing electrical equipment in the existing main electrical room that share space with the existing gas service and gas meter? Yes, when the gas service in not a high pressure gas service. The required clearance must be verified with the utility company Section Subsection May minimum 5 ft of clearance be allowed for two 2 stand-alone service switches facing each other where service equipment is KVA or more?

Instead, all normal power demand within the building will be supported by power generated by cogeneration engines. These engines will operate in parallel with each other and output power to the building's main low votlage switchgear. A local disconnect will be provided on the electrical output of each cogeneration engine. Question 1 : Is the electrical output of a single cogeneration engine considered a Service as per Article and therefore the local disconnect switch at each cogeneration engine would be classified as the local Service Disconnecting Means as shown in attached Example Diagram 1?

If the answer to Question 1 is Atlanta Georgia men dating foreign women, then, the quantity of Services within the building will be Santa Ana CA meet dating. Do these Service Disconnecting means need to be grouped in dating agencies for Montana of six or fewer as per If the answer to Question 1 is 'No', then is the combined output of a group of cogeneration engines considered a Service as per Article and hookup clearance Nyc NY this output requires a local Service Disconnecting Means as shown in attached Example Diagram 3?