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I Haven dating my teacher


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Feb 15, 40 0 0. Foolery No. Jun 5, 1, 0 0. It's free online dating Kentucky no subscription difference in life experience. Some kid dating an older person who already gets how the world works and has an established career, etc, doesn't look good.

The relationship isn't on equal footing. Also, what Legion said, abuse of the job position if you started dating him while still being a student. Legion Were it so easy. Oct 2, 7, 0 0.

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Assuming the pupil is of legal age then it is simple. They are in a position of authority over their students so it is seen as abusing their status.

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For similar reasons doctors cannot date their patients and police cannot date people involved in a case they are working on. It avoids a whole host of potential problems relating to it.

Personally once that relationship is over and they are just another person, then I don't see the harm in it. In that situation both people are now equals. Mar 26, 7, 70 53 Country Gender. Nevertheless, welcome to the Escapist, stay out of dating in Santa Rosa electronic city basement and press any red buttons you see around the place. I'm with Legion, if you were still under the instruction of the teacher in question when you started dating then he was acting unprofessionally at best, there's a lot of potential for bias when marking your work or disciplining you for example.

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Once he's no longer instructing you however then it's a different matter entirely, nothing wrong there. Ratty New member. Jan 21, 0 0.

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Dating a current teacher and dating a former teacher are two very different things as Legion explained. That said being married at 18 has always been a bad idea every time I've seen it. No matter how intelligent you might be and how mature you may think you are, Rhode Island connect dating going to change as a person rapidly over the next 5 to 7 years. And those years are best spent trying to experience life and define yourself as an individual rather than being tied to the more sedentary domestic lifestyle of a spouse.

Especially with someone who's already gone through that process, in which case you're less likely to "grow together" as you are to "grow apart". Not saying it cheap date ideas College Station TX work, but I've never seen it happen. And if you're really in love surely you could wait a few more years. Zontar Mad Max Feb 18, 4, 0 0. DementedSheep New member.

Dating my teacher's brother

Jan 8, 2, 0 0. It's fine so long as they are your former not current teacher. Teachers aren't allowed to date students because it's an free sex dating Nyc NY with favoritism, professionalism and power balance. Its the same reason doctors, nurses and Gilbert AZ meet girl can't date their patients. I knew someone who date their teacher as soon as she wasn't his student anymore although he was 25 and she was TBH the age gap with you seems a bit large but I don't think it's wrong though I can see why someone might be concerned he is exploiting you not saying I think he is just that your family might.

Edit: I should read others post before I post so I don't make thre an echo chamber.

Harvard officially bans sex between undergraduate students and teachers

Legion said:. DS when i was 16 Hickory NC voice dating thought it was ok to hug my teacher but he told me its wrong so i knew then no to to be his gf. Elfgore Your friendly local nihilist Legacy.

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Apr 3, 5, 23 Probably because it could lead to an unfair advantage latin dating Medford the student. It is also very unprofessional. Since you graduated I see no problem with it now. The reason you are probably getting stares is the massive age gap, if I had to take a guess.

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It's also possible most people might view you as Laredo TX women free kind of gold digger or something like that. Since in the case of age gaps society tends to view money as the cause for marriage and not love.

Elfgore said:. Bellvedere New member. Jul 31, 0 0.

Yes, like Legion said, the primary problem with a student dating a teacher is that the teacher is in a position of authority and has a duty of care for students. In a relationship both parties should be equal, so starting from a point where one person is "in charge" can either negatively impact either the teaching environment if the student can't accept the authority of the teacher where the teacher is supposed to be in charge or the relationship environment if the would you date someone in a Alaska gives the teacher authority in the partnership.

Additionally authority can be abused especially in the situation where you are dealing with a young person who is not an adult and the student dating mature women Beaumont be "groomed" or "coerced" into being in or even desiring a relationship with the teacher.

There is also the matter of bias in grading a student's performance. A large age gap in particular where one person has only just reached adulthood can also be problematic. You've just come from being taken care of as by your parents and you shouldn't expect or want your life with your partner to be the same - being taken care of as. He's going to be far more experienced in matters of day to day life and in many cases, it makes sense that he would be able to make the wiser decision.

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This can be problematic as it may make it difficult for you to learn these things on your own and he may be unwilling to allow you to make decisions flirt Scranton finch to your inexperience. It may also be difficult for you to determine whether he's making a decision because it's an intelligent one or making a DC lankan dating because it's what he prefers even though you should both have an equal say.

Once again this comes back to the problem of one person being "in charge of the relationship" which isn't healthy. Additionally the fact that two people in very distinct age brackets are at different life stages and may want to accomplish different things which can strain on a relationship. From what you've written it does come Wausau date ideas like you have a problem by letting him be in control and putting his needs before your own though particularly in cases where he makes you uncomfortable and antagonises your family and a friends.

2. teaching's not stressful -- it's like babysitting

BathorysGraveland2 New member. Feb 9, 1, 0 0.

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To be honest, it's a very grey issue with solid arguments from both sides of the spectrum. However, I fully understand there are also teachers who can fall in love with a student females for dating in Columbus Ohio OH just want a genuine relationship, and vice versa. It's a difficult subject. Since you're now 19 and left school, there is obviously no longer any issue what so ever.

On the thin line between ‘appropriate’ and ‘inappropriate’ relationships

However, if you were dating while you were still in school, and he had that influence over you I dunno, as I said it's a grey dating native Pasadena man worthy of further contemplation. The real problem is, it can be easily exploited by devious people.

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Yopaz Sarcastic overlord. Jun 3, 6, 0 0. Mar 12, 1, 0 0. Thaluikhain Elite Member Legacy. Apr 4, 14,

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